Air Travel
Montserrat is located 27 miles from Antigua and is accessible by a 15 minute flight on Fly Montserrat.
Fly Montserrat
Montserrat Airways Ltd.
Tel: 664-491-3434

Our friendly taxis are almost always available to transport you to your desired destination. Please ask Carol or Margaret to arrange this. We have also provided you with a listing of taxi drivers who look forward to serving you. Please allow, at least, half an hour for pick-up time.
Driver Vehicle Telephone#
Charles Daly 495-7172
George Christian Car 491-5593 / 492-1999
George White 15-seater bus 664-491-3678
Winston Telesford Car 491-2855
Renting a Vehicle
Perhaps you would prefer to venture out on your own, explore the island at your own pace, have access to your own vehicle. Arrangements can be made for you to pick up/ drop off your rented vehicle at Olveston House.